Equipping Catholics to know, live and share their faith

Professional Planners - 8.5 x 11

Practical Catholicism

Planners feature  a two page per week format with all of the following each week:

• A vertical format with a separate column for each day

• A section to define your key roles and responsibilities each week

• A section to plan and schedule your key goals each week

• A daily Things To Do section

• An appointments section with half hour scheduling

• An integrated Daily Tracking Chart where you can track key re-occurring activities for the week (workouts, personal and professional goals, spiritual activities like Mass, confession etc.)

• A clearly defined weekly planning process to ensure you don’t miss any key items of importance to you

• A space to write your personal mission or an inspirational thought, quote, or scripture verse each week

Compact Planners - 5.5 x 8.5

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ALL Planners

$17 each

Plus Shipping

ALL Planners

$17 each  + Shipping

​Additional sections include:

• Frequently called numbers and emails pages

• A “Benefits from the Mass” page and a “Benefits of Confession” page with the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur)

• A selection of Catholic prayers

• The Precepts of the Catholic Church

• A list of holidays for the year

• A 3 year at a glance calendar

• A full one page monthly planning calendar at the start of each month, with a place to record key goals and projects for that month

• A clear set of step-by-step instructions for the entire Planner- Calendar

• A future projects and Things To Do Section

• A Communication/Meeting log

• A Notes section

All Planner-Calendars are wire-bound with a sturdy black vinyl cover. Calendars can be customized with your business name etc. when ordered in quantities of 25 or more. Please email: info@CALCinc.com for additional information on customized Planner-Calendars.